Feel the road.  Not the pain.

Piloti’s Performance line has been used by some of racing’s biggest names.  Featuring legendary performance, patented biomechanical technology and ultimate all-day comfort, this is footwear designed for race professionals.

Our shoes have resolved comfort and performance issues for NASCAR, rally and sports car drivers.  Designed to minimise heat and vibration, every Performance model includes Piloti’s patented Roll Control™ spherical heel for extra cushioning and heel-and-toe downshifting support, a reinforced lateral right side for durability, fire-resistant FIA/SFI certified DuPont® Nomex® lining and stitching, and premium materials that perform beautifully in the fiercet racing conditions.


Street legal style.

You don’t have to rip around a 32° banked turn at 200 mph to get good use out of a pair of Pilotis.  Car-obsessed celebrities love them, and serious drivers swear by them.

Perfect for driving and general wear, this street-friendly line offers the same technology, all-day comfort and streamlined profile as our Performance shoe, just without the Nomex®.

High style.  High performance

The ultimate in driving-inspired style.  Premium footwear that performs equally well in the car and at the office, our luxury shoes fuse Italian design, racing style, and Piloti’s patented biomechanics for a sleek-looking shoe that’s as comfortable as it is stylish.

Lightweight and impeccably crafted, each style features Italian leather and suede, and a refined sole that evokes the tread pattern of vintage racing tires.